They trusted us

Eleni & Alex - MADAGASCAR Adventure from 03rd till 10th of June 2018:

We would like to thank you and your team and especially, Fabrice for the amazing trip in Madagascar. We spent a week in your beautiful country and I have no words to express our satisfaction and great feelings after that experience. We are very happy for having chosen Gassitours to organize our trip because everything went really well and you offered us the chance to visit amazing places, to experience new activities and to feel the real country! The tour was absolutely what we have imagined and in many cases, what we did and we saw, exceeded our expectations. Everything was organized in great detail and we felt very comfortable and safe from the first moment. Finally, a few words for our guide, Fabrice who made this experience unique. He is a great tour guide, he is very professional and polite and at the same time, he is very friendly and pleasant, making the visitors feel really comfortable. He was excellent during all the trip, trying to understand our needs and find the best way to satisfy them.

Once again, thank you very much for the experience and we will recommend your agency to everyone we know and wants to visit Madagascar! We hope to come back in the future and visit other parts of the country.

Best regards,

KEITH BEAVAN (kbeavan(at)optonline.net) - TRIP TO MADAGASCAR FROM 29th of March till 25th of April 2018

In business and pleasure I have been to more than 100 countries (my wife has been to many too) and I found the team of guides in Madagascar probably the most consistently good of any I have been with. While not surprisingly the accommodation in remote areas was somewhat "rustic", overall the lodges were at least 4 star, clean, comfortable and serving very good dishes. I had expected to see lemurs up in the canopy, for long range camera shots. In the event they were "coming out of my ears", some near the lodges "habituated" sufficiently to stroke (with banana bait). The remarkable Aye-Aye, a prime wish for any tourist, were seen close up on a night walk, and easily photographed as they fed.on coconuts The nocturnal fossa also turned up (two of them) at one lodge in the day- time and co-operatively posed. Fabulous scenery too. Whole month long tour certainly among the top few of all my trips. Plus the satisfaction of knowing that the money for the trip remained on the island since Gassitours is wholly owned ,run and guided by Malagasy. Enthusiastic unqualified recommendation!

Erez Reinshmidt - TRIP TO MADAGASCAR FROM 23/03/2018 TILL 12/04/2018

We had a dream for many years to travel to Madagascar and discover the wonders of this country that we could only imagine through resources we reviewed. Belaza and the Gassitours team helped us to make the dream come true. We are a family with 3 children who have special requirements in our areas of interest and also limited food restrictions. Gassitours provided solution to any of our requirements and offered a program that relates to a wide range of our interests. From the planning stage to the implementation, including a response to unexpected things that arose during the trip, Gassitours were always there.

I would like to mention Belaza, T'ooki and Fabrice the guides that accompanied us, the guides at each of the sites and the tireless driver who also named T'ooki, who drove many hours and brought us safely to any destination. Thanks to this team, we were able to experience all the beauty and fun Madagascar has to offer/ In each of the various sites we visited during the trip, we enjoyed meeting people, amazing nature and animals that captivated our hearts.

The staff also made sure to let us enjoy excellent hotels and local restaurants and even helped us to return home with beautiful souvenirs that remind us of the wonderful experience we went through.

It is important to note that we contacted several tourist companies before the trip and Gassitours impressed us from the very first moment with a precise response and a versatile program, so we had no doubts about which company to choose. We would be happy to warmly recommend anyone who is interested in having a similar experience. Since returning from the trip we have been encouraging more people not to miss this great opportunity.



Arabulucu & Av. Hülya SAPMAZ CAN 1728 Sk. No:24/1 Karsiyaka - ÎZMÎR GSM: 0533 7329073 Karsiyaka V.D. 13996729848

Dear Belaza and Gassitours team;

Thank you for our astonishing trip. Belaza was very well organised. We were group of 11 adults and ages between 45-65. We loved Madagascar its nature and people them self. Rain forest as a must see.. We get contact with Beleza after i found web page in web. So I have checked all trip avdisor feedback about him. He was absolutely wonderfull. We had start to exchange mails 6 months before our planned trip date. So I had many question and he responed them all patiently. He planed tailormade trip for us according to our preferances and our budget. We had 15 days in Madagascar it was all wonderfull . What ever we ask for he made everything possible. We had a van and followed Rd. 7 and ended up on Ifaty.
At the begining of exchanging mails with him we had many suspicion about sending money abroad to whom we don't know anything about. But it was turn out wonderfully.He and his equipe are so honest and handy people. If i go madagascar again i wouldn't hesistate to choose gassi tours.... Before your trip just think what you want to do or see in Madagascar and he will handle it smoothly and make it real...

(Madagascar trip from 20/01/2018 till 05/02/2018)

Thanks again Gassi...

Best Wishes


ESTHER ZHANG - EMAIL: xw2000@hotmail.com

Dear travel mates,

We just came back from our 19 days of adventure in Madagascar. We are convinced that going with a local guide having a tailorized itinerary to meet your interests is one of the best way to see Madagascar.
We visited national parks and private reserves, sandy beach and rain forest, natural wonders and world cultural heritage sights, big cities and small towns, luxury resort and local fishing village, private and public university as well as village school. Of course, we had seen many species of lemurs, unique flora and fauna, even had lemurs landed on us and ate bananas from our hands. We visited people's home, zebu market, and ate local food. We had experienced much more than we had hope for.
Thanks for Belaza and Gassitour who made this possible. We were fortunate that Belaza, the founder and owner of this local run company guided us for the first 9 days of the trip and also saw us off. He speaks fluent French and English, knows all 18 dialects of the country, who is passionate about his work and his mission, loves his country and knows the culture. My husband called him a walking dictionary.
I contacted him based on other travelers review. It was very easy working with him from the very beginning. He returned my email immediately, I did some research about places/regions to visit and lodging options and we quickly drafted our itinerary. Within weeks I sent the deposit through Western Union. He bought the domestic tickets right the way, booked hotels and we had a 4x4, a driver and a knowleble English-speaking guide waiting for us. Unexpectedly each place we went, we also were given a local guide.
Two nights hotels cancelled our booking after we were in the country, but getting an alternative was not a problem even in the peak season. We were well taken care of by him and his team from beginning to the end.
It was an unforgettable journey for us, if you need to find someone to help you realize your dream, you need to look no further. We highly recommend Gassitours Madagascar.

Two Travelers from US, August 2017


Jay and Phoebe - USA

We spent 3 weeks in May 2012 traveling around Madagascar with Belaza - truly an incredible and eye-opening experience! We highly recommend Belaza and his Malagasy guide company, Gassitours: www.gassitours.com. We are a couple in our early 30's. We also traveled with my father, who is 69 years old. We are all passionate about exploring new places, hiking, and seeing unique flora, fauna, landscapes, and cultures - Madagascar has all of this and more. After researching a trip to Madagascar, we decided that a Malagasy guide would be the best way to help us with the tricky logistics. This was the first time we have ever used a guide for our travels, and we are very glad we had a local guide to arrange the trip and accompany us.

We found out about Belaza on Tripadvisor, and from the beginning of our communication with him via email, we were very happy with his advice on places to go and see, and his patience with us as we revised our 3-week trip to fit in certain places and timing. We focused our trip on seeing reserves and National Parks (Andasibe/Perinet/Analamazaotra, Kirindy, Tsingy, Ramanofana, Isalo, Reniala). We also spent time seeing the countryside and visited several cultural areas (e.g., Antsirabe, the Royal summer palaces near Tana). Though we mainly went to experience nature, we all agreed that we were very moved by the people we met and the Malagasy daily life. We will post reviews on the places we stayed and ate, separately (all good to excellent).

Belaza was very helpful with logistics - when one of our domestic Air Madagascar flights was cancelled, he was able to get us on the next available flight. If something happened with the vehicle we were traveling in (which happened a few times, and which is a distinct possibility for anyone traveling in Madagascar due to poor infrastructure and road conditions), he worked hard to come up with a solution that would not disrupt our travel plans. Belaza was always looking out for us, and on a daily basis, would communicate with us about the trip itinerary and details of the next day's events. He was very willing to adjust plans as requested, and also happy (and patient) to stop for many photos as we were driving or hiking. He chose great Park guides for us as well. He happily hiked with us on our treks, most of which were rigorous 6-8 hours (at each place you can choose the length and difficulty of hikes). Belaza is also multilingual - besides Malagasy, he speaks excellent English and French - he may know some other languages as well. This was very helpful, as we only knew limited French and did not know Malagasy.

Belaza also cares deeply about his country, and has a keen interest in its culture, history, and environment. We learned a great deal about Madagascar from him and our park guides. Belaza arranged all the vehicles and drivers for our trip - we had 3 different ones during our trip because we were going to many different places (including flights between some locations). The drivers were all very careful drivers, and we felt very safe with them. Our favorite was Jerry, but Santache and Parika were also very good.

One of our favorite experiences was a guided camping trip in Isalo NP. Though Belaza had not arranged this particular type of camping trip before he happily and successfully worked with an Isalo Park Guide (Roxy) to arrange everything, including camp sites, tents, bedding, food, and even traditional Malagasy cocktails! It was great to spend an evening in the canyons of Isalo listening to the wildlife and talking with Belaza and Roxy about culture, music, history, and their families.

We highly recommend Belaza and Gassitours for a trip to Madagascar. Your trip can be customized to your preference and budget by selecting places you want to visit and stay. Belaza's rates are very reasonable. Plus, by hiring a Malagasy guide, the majority of your money stays in the country's economy where it is needed most.


Augusto RUIZ - CHILE

Hi there, I didn't want to miss the opportunity to comment about our trip to Madagascar, which was a wonderful time!, specially comment about our tour guide: Belaza.

He really organized everything we wanted to do in Madagascar with special care and all details covered. There was not even a small thing that he missed. Belaza was also very flexible beacasue he was able to change our itinerary when we lost an air madagascar flight (that left earlier without a notice)..
It is a big advantage to travel with a driver (we were very lucky to have a Allan with us) because you get to places you wouldn't know they exist, have more flexibility as to what you want to do and see the best of each place shown and explained by a local.
Finally, he accomplished all what we agreed without a small difference, even more, he make us few favors like keeping our things while we went to Mauritius Islands in his house and gave them back to us afterwards.

The conclusion is obvious, I really recommend Belaza, and every person that ask me back in my country how they could travel around Madagascar I am tell them to contact Belaza.


Karissa, QLD Australia

I was a 20 year old single female travelling to Madagascar for 6 weeks so it was a huge relief to be welcomed at the airport in Tana by Belaza and our driver Alan. I did the Tsiribihina river and Tsingy tour and enjoyed it so much that I ended up doing a second tour of the south. The best part about having Belaza with me the whole time was that it gave me the opportunity to interact with the local Malagasy people and we found ourselves out most nights in the villages drinking THB with them. Belaza really went out of his way to make my trip as easy and memorable as possible. He also took into account that one of my main reasons for visiting Madagascar was to see wildlife (chameleons in particular) so he made sure we saw a lot of them which I was very pleased about. He also included a visit to a reptile reserve (ReserVe Peyrieras) on the way to Andasibe. Thank you for everything Belaza, this really was the trip of a lifetime and I will definitely be back!




I have just returned from the river decent and Tsingy trip in Madagascar with an excellent tour guide called Belaza (gassitours.com).

The tour was very well organised with drivers and guides that are also wonderful people and who Belaza has known for some years. The people, children, wildlife and scenery were nothing short of spectacular. A very carefully orchestrated trip which left me spellbound by the remarkable things I had seen each day.
Belaza went out of his way to make sure our trip was beyond fantastic . I broke my camera by knocking it into a tree chasing Indri Indri around the rainforest, but Belaza took a detour the following day to several camera shops until we could find someone to fix it. He also arranged an additional days activities and a driver at short notice at the end of my trip as I had 48 hours to fill to await my flight.
Belaza took care of everything for us, allowing us to relax and get absorbed in the adventure. He had a detailed knowledge of the history, wildlife, villages and their communities and a fantastic sense of humour. He was keen for us to learn everything and have a wonderful experience of Madagascar. He made us feel very welcome, personalising the trip to meet our specific interests. I felt very safe with Belaza as my tour guide and I will be recommending him to everyone.

I have travelled extensively and this trip is bar far the best I have ever encountered. The whole experience far outweighed my expectations and I would recommend everyone to try the river and Tsingy tour in Madagascar with gassitours.


Jeanette Ann WILTON - Australia

Just a short note about my recent trip to Madagascar with Gassitours. I arrived at Tana airport at 1.30am (Air Madagascar flight was late) and I was so pleased to be met by Belaza and his driver, they had been sending SMS to me to let me know they were there, I was very glad to see their smiling faces. From then on for the next 11 days I was treated like a "queen", so it became my nickname as they opened doors and helped me through the entire tour. I am a 62 year old female lone traveller and I thought I was fairly fit but their helping hands assisted me into the dugout canoe for the river trip, made me comfortable in my own tent on the sand banks of the river, cared for me on the four wheel drive over some unbelievably rough roads, gave me encouragement and a strong hand to climb over the little Tsingy rocks. It was quite an adventure. I can thoroughly recommend Belaza and his tour company Gassitours which means your money stays in the country for the people of the country. Beleza has his own website Gassitours and you will find him. If you would like to know anything more about Madagascar please just ask and I will try to reply. One hint don't take Australian Dollars, go for Euros to exchange. Cheers one weary but fulfilled traveller.


Jill, Sue, Holly - Yorkshire

Dear all

We had a truly fantastic experience in Madagascar, the people we met were all very welcoming and the very different experiences were amazing. Travel in Madagascar is though difficult without a tour guide and had we tried to go it alone we would not have had half the experiences we had. I would recommend Belaza to anyone, he was always friendly and informative, his knowledge of people wildlife and customs in Madagascar is extremely good as his his command of English. Nothing was too much trouble and Belaza seems to know everyone in Madagascar! Finally his sense of fun kept us all going. Don't believe him though when he says everything is 'mora mora' (slowly slowly) he still expects you to get up at the crack of dawn! (though I have to say sunrise in Madagascar is well worth it).

If you wish to spend your holidays in Madagascar, we highly recommend Belaza as your friendly tour guide.


Julien - Australia

During this time I found Belaza's service outstanding in many ways; he was always on time, his English was excellent and I found Belaza always willing to add extra value to our tour to make it the best. Belaza would negotiate with guides, co-ordinate our accommodation and even cook during our river trip, of which, he handled with ease.

The specialty of Belaza is his knowledge of the Malagasy culture and the flora and fauna within the areas we visited. In particular, Belaza took my partner and I to see real Malagasy culture, in his own time, I was very impressed with his dedication. I have travelled to over 30 countries and had many guides; I would rate Belaza as one of the best.


R. Mailer - Berlin

We booked the Tsiribihina Tour and the visit of the Tsingy National Park. Belaza was our guide during the 5 day trip. He is a very nice guy and he answered all of our questions to his knowledge. He provides a lot of information about Malagasy culture and translates the name of every little village we went through. During the river descent he worked tirelessly: paddling, cooking, preparing of tents and late night entertainment (some drinks to bring the beautiful day to its end). He speaks English very well, if you he's not speaking French...(he does this too, of course). These trips were organized very well, and met my expectation perfectly.


Heather - Australia

Belaza was my guide during an 8 day trip from Tana to Morondava. As promised, he was waiting our arrival with his trademark warm and friendly smile. I immediately trusted him, and he lived up to my initial thoughts.

At all times Belaza put the client's needs and wishes ahead of his own giving priority to our comfort and care. He was unfailingly polite, well groomed and always on time. His English was excellent and he was easy-going providing a wonderful learning experience. Belaza was a great cook, managing to cater to our vegetarian needs with ease. His knowledge of the animals, birdlife and Malagasy life was exceptional.

I would recommend Belaza highly.

Krista Doucette

Belaza is very charismatic with a great personality, his English is great (which is not so common) and the adventure tour I was part of was very enjoyable, however not for the faint hearted! Belaza's tour was well organised and suitably flexible to meet the groups' need. His tour gave me great insight into Malagasy life and culture. The highlight for me was Tsingy and also meeting the local children who never seem to tire from shouting "vazaha!".

Valborg - Swammerdamstraat 30 II - 1091 RV Amsterdam

We have just returned from our trip to Madagascar which we partly organised through Belaza from Gassitours, a very nice and entrepreneurial guy. We would happily reccomend him to anyone who wants to see Madagascar! He and his driver Alan drove us around for a couple days, organised everything inclusing really nice and interesting english spreaking guides. Belaza was very flexible when we wanted to change the itinary during the trip, and when the car broke down they went out of their ways to make sure we could continue without any delay. He and Allan are also fun company which contributed to a really easy going trip. He told us that he plans on staying a small company, but one which can deliver great experiences. For our experience, this was comepletely true!




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My aim is to give every visitor to Madagascar the opportunity to discover the true essence of the country whether they are looking fot luxurious holiday or a more grass roots experience. Below I have provided information which will help your visit run as smoothy as possible. Please remember that things like transport may not run as smoothy as the country you're from, and sometimes variations of itineraries have to be made, ...

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