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Are you planning your trip to Madagascar with the following in mind? Family or single traveller |Friends |Group tour |Honeymoon package |Colleagues |Wildlife photography |Safari |Whale watching |Budget /Mid-range/ luxury tours |Wildlife and tropical beaches We will be very pleased to introduce you to Madagascar, an Island of great beauty, unique fauna and wildlife, stunning landscapes as well as its beautiful tropical beaches. Our tour company, Gassitours, is run by Belaza, an experienced local English/French speaking tour guide (see page 86 at Bradt Guide 10th edition). Gassitours offers, all year round, a wide variety of tours and safaris or should you prefer it, a tailor made trip to enable you to discover the most amazing treasures that the Island of Madagascar has to offer. Our company strives to provide a personal service. Not only will it be a memorable experience of this unique island, but you will have the satisfaction of knowing that your visit would have helped to support and maintain our vital conservation areas +++++



We have just returned from our trip to Madagascar which we partly organised through Belaza from Gassitours, a very nice and entrepreneurial guy. We would happily reccomend him to anyone who wants to see Madagascar!.....

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Exploring the Eastern part of Madagascar

A tour of the East of Madagascar gives you several options. The beautiful greenery of the rain forest explains the local name known as "the Green East" which makes the ideal home of many lemurs of different species. Firstly, Andasibe National Park (NP) where the "INDRI" awakes you every morning with its morning call. You will be amazed by this animal. The Indri is the largest lemur of Madagascar standing 1 meter high and weighing up to 8 kgs with an its almost invisible tail. Apart of The Andasibe National Park, there are several other nature reserves. Secondly, whale watching in Ste Marie's Island between the months of July and September. Delight yourself in the unforgettable and magical sight of mothers and calves. Last but not least, the hide away romantic Peninsula of Ankanin'ny Nofy. The name means "a Nest of a dream". This unique place is at the same time a relaxing and a wildlife discovery.

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Discover the Southern part of Madagascar

South of Madagascar also known as the RN7,is a picturesque area rich in flora and fauna combined with different tours. You will visit four National Parks such as Ranomafana, Andringitra,Isalo and Zombitse. The first route follows the N7 where you will explore 3 different NPs like the lush rainforest of Ranomafana National Park with its lemurs , birds, reptiles… ; Isalo National Park and its biodiversity, stunning landscape and a very refreshing natural swimming pool and waterfall and the sanctuary of rare birds and some lemurs at the National park of Zombitse. The second route is by a train journey between Fianarantsoa and Manakara which reveals a beautiful landscape. You will also have the opportunity to hike up to Peak Bobby (2nd highest peak in Madagascar, with its 360* altitude) in the National Park Andringitra as well as the highest peak in Isalo. The highlight is the visit of Andasibe National Park before heading down South. This rainforest is located 130Km East of Tana is the unique place to experince the morning call of the world biggest lemur called INDRI INDRI ; You will observe lots wildlife, reptiles very close. After a first experinece of the Malagasy wildlife, continuation down to the South where you will visit tanothe NPs, different landscape. At Isalo NP,You will discover the extraordinary sandstone rock formations. Lemurs are easily visible in the Isalo NP and the private reserve of Anja which is managed by the villagers. After this exciting journey. After sightseeing to all of NPs , You can relax on one of the tropical beaches of Ifaty or Anakao.

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Exploring the Western part of Madagascar

A tour of Western Madagascar involves a variety of transport from plane to canoe. It is the home of the baobab and you will have the opportunity to take a ride along. The famous and unique Avenue of baobabs. The avenue is breathtaking at both sunrise and sunset and is a magical place for the romantics and photographers alike. In adition to that, we will take you to the unique place in the world where you will observe ‘the largest predator of lemurs called Fossa in a wild which actually active at night but you will also see them walking around the lodge during the day time. Not to forget, your main reason to come and visit the Western part of Madagascar is the world famous Tsingy of Bemahara Known National Park known locally as "The stone forest". The Tsingy is a limestone rock formations. It has been recognised as a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1998 and has been well documented by Sir David Attenborough in his TV series on Madagascar. This area can bereached by internal flights, road or a combination of both depending on your schedule.. The Tsiribihina river offers an opportunity of an exciting safari away from it all. Travelling by traditional canoe down river, it involves two nights of camping. You will be surrounded by a wide variety of wild life and will have a chance to experience -the warm hearted nature and welcome of the Malagasy people.

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The East coast of Madagascar, is particularly an appreciated touristic destination

To begin the sightseeing of the Island of Madagascar, the East coast is one of the wonderful location to be absolutely visited. Many opportunities can be explored to discover how rich and abundant is this area of the Island with nature diversities. Read more >>>


The West of Madagascar, a compulsory and well known destination

Discover the West of Madagascar either on plane or by canoeing. This side of the Island is covered with plenty of gorgeous and magnificicent touristic sites. The beauty of flora, the authenticiy of fauna, the immensity and the originality of these locations make the pride of the western side of Madagascar. Read more >>>


The South, a rich destination with National parks

Discover the South of Madagascar with an abundant and various natural fauna and flora. Visiting the 4 large National parks will make your holliday special and won't be disappointing you. Read more >>>