Festival of Whales from 8 to 16 July 2017

Key event held every year at island Sainte Marie, the Festival of whales is a colorful and ultra-popular Malagasy holiday. The next edition will take place from 8 to 16 July 2017 and promises some more of discoveries, atmospheres and especially of wonder.

The first goal, see the whales

The festival is entitled Festival of whales. The occasion is thus held in the same way as those marine mammals come to give birth in the warm waters of the East of Madagascar. These animals are almost no more guests, they usually immigrate to this place every year. While the whales parade and make the stars, the island of Sainte Marie is on the other hand in excitement. Although the spectators come to see and discover the behavior of the whales, the animations are also at their height during the eight days of festival. The whales form the first curiosities of the festival but the city and its nature as well as the cultural festivities will be not the least.

A cause supported by the ONU

Thanks to the dazzling success of the Whale Festival, the ONU always offers its support and adherence to the preparation and realization of the festival. The United Nations organization does not take into account the tourist level of the event but particularly the preservation of the large mammals present on the site. During the festival, observers and international researchers will be on hand to observe and study the behavior of marine mammals. Besides, the natural resources and the riches of Sainte Marie will be of interest to other biodiversity specialists.

More holidays than discoveries

While the professionals work to enrich their knowledge, the population of Saint Marie focuses on the organization and the festivities. The famous carnival parade throughout the city will kick off the festival. Cultural events, sporting events and other sea trips will follow. The podiums will be on site, not to mention the scenes that will host the concerts held by local artists. As for sports activities, they will be numerous: petanque, football, trail and hiking.

The tourism is certainly for the honor

Even though this great event is so much awaited by the residents, tourists are as numerous to count the days. The Whale Festival has been an undeniable tourist attraction since the beginning, very profitable both for the major tourist operators and for the simple inhabitants of Sainte Marie. The tourists, meanwhile, come there en masse not only to live great adventures with the whales but also to discover the natural riches of this paradise place. So that they may be even more numerous this year, some local operators will offer promotional prices during the festival days. To take advantage of these offers, reservations were already available at the international tourism fair or ITM which took place in the capital from 8 to 11 June.






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