Lemur Trophy, the tourist raid in the South of Madagascar

This year, the Lemur Trophy is in its 2nd edition. This tourist raid in off-road car starts the 3 until November 11 and occurs on sandy land in the South of Madagascar.

A successful bet for the first edition

Last year, organizers launched the bet to travel South through a tourist raid. The principle was to join the locality from the capital to Tulear. With their all-terrain car, 25 participants passed through Morondava, Belo on Tsiribihina and Anakao. Locations unknown of the big island, and especially of the southern region, were exploited by these raiders. The Ministry of Tourism adheres to this event and contributed to the first raid causes.

Discover the natural wealth of the South

This time, they are in the second edition and browse all the southern part of the island until Fort Dauphin. Always with a 4 x 4 car, the raid is divided into 5 distinct steps. The first two stages of 600km will pass by the region Vezo, Mahafaly and Antandroy. Then there will be stage 3 to see some famous cities like Ambola, Itampolo, Lavanono, Fayx-Cap, Berenty and Lokaro. In the fourth step, it will be Cape Town extreme South East to Fort Dauphin for the last step 5.

As the event "Vez'tival" will end on the first day of the raid, participants will be present at this closing ceremony on the beach of the Battery. November 3rd will be a special day marking the beginning of the raid and the end of another tourist festival, organized in the south.

Develop economic and tourism sectors

The Lemur Trophy is above all a friendly meeting. All participants share the same passion and just waiting for this annual meeting. Although they know each other, strict rules govern the event. In the second plan, it is also a tourism project to discover various lands. The south has been chosen because it still offers many neutral places to go. Many places are still untapped and deserve to be known. It is the purpose of the raid, go against the unknown land of the South and search natural resources which can be beneficial to the tourism sector.

Through this initiative, the Lemur Trophy is based on principles of both economic development and also tourism. One of the reasons why it is essential to go with a 4X4 vehicle, able to brave all types of terrain. Southern Madagascar, even the most remote, will finally be accessible through this initiative. Malagasy people and tourists can eminently reach these places as a visit or vacation, either as a redevelopment of the territory






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