The exposition of the adventure tourism fair

The exposition of the adventure tourism fair will be held on January 21st 2017 on the parking of Villa Pradon in Antanimena. From 10 am to 4 pm, visitors will discover the various tourist activities, centered on outdoor or sports and outdoor adventure with open sky.

Outdoor tourism in Madagascar

A thousand-faceted island, Madagascar is a meeting place where nature abounds. For lovers of sport and adventure, the big island offers them a multitude of places where they can practice various sports activities. It is in this context that exposition of tourism of adventure and sport found its source of inspiration. Conscious of Malagasy natural wealths, the organizers of this show want to highlight outdoor tourism based on sports activities and outdoor adventures.

A exposition signed Boogie Events

In charge of the direction of this exposition, Boogie Events, subsidiary of the turn operator Boogie Pilgrim, is recognized for its market place of outdoor activities in Madagascar. During this first show of sports tourism and adventure, the organizer joined together several tour operators as well as sports extreme Malagasy and foreign. The principle is to show all the visitors the many places of the island suitable for this tourism of sport and adventure. They also want to make known the different activities to be practiced and what types of adventures await the participants. It should be noted that the privileged places are places naturally formed in Madagascar. It was not by any chance that they were chosen. The specialists, international stars and world champions in outdoor activity have already examined and approved the reliability of these Malagasy natural sites.

What will be the activities?

Since nature has given away these natural sites, the outdoor activities to be practiced are numerous. Besides the tourist theme, discovering the authenticity of these places, the sport and the adventure are also at the walk-in. Activities include scuba diving, kitesurfing and trekking. During the exhibition, each stand will develop the branches of these three flagship activities. The 9 exhibitors will present 9 different themes, namely:

  • Competition VTT in all Tana
  • Trail and Moto Enduro circuits
  • Ultra-trail racing Madagascar
  • Descent from the RN7 to Royal Enfield
  • Catamaran cruises, Nosy Be Hellville
  • Descent of Manambolo in the canoe
  • Watery diving in Sainte Marie
  • Dhow Cruises, Northwest Coast
  • Trekking in the Makay massif