Discover the RN2 in all its glory thanks to a special offer

The RN2 is an unique place, green lung of Madagascar and refuge of several animal and vegetable species. This national road has many surprises, especially in terms of biodiversity. As part of the festival Indri Indri from 26 to 30 September 2018, a group of tourist guides specializing in the accompaniment of tourists in the heart of the RN2, decided to propose a special offer to discover this place in all its splendor.

"Mitsidia Madagasikara", a special offer in the heart of the Alaotra Mangoro region

The offer organized by the guides of the East is called "Mitsidia Madagasikara". It focuses solely on the Alaotra Mangoro region, located on the RN2. The organizers composed of the group of guides and the ORTAM focus the visit in the heart of these parks. Participants will visit the Andasibe and Mantadia Nature Reserves. These are the most famous tourist spots on the Big Island. From September 27 to October 1, it will be a stay in the heart of the Alaotra Mangoro region with an amazing discovery of the natural, historical and cultural wealth of the locality.

Welcome to the world of Lemurs

As we know, this part of the Big Island is the refuge of lemurs. Many species live in large numbers and form the main tourist attraction of the place. These endemic animals are housed in the heart of a large Andasibe forest. Apart from the Indri Indri, this forest itself is a privileged place that deserves a quick glance. It is a lush forest of RN2 where rich plant species are planted. The forest is visible during a trip to the province of Toamasina. But when we immerse ourselves with the guides, we will still be in front of an exceptional place with rare and astonishing species.

Indri Indri festival, an awareness event

Do not forget that this special offer is organized as part of the Indri Indri festival. This festival will take place from September 26 to September 30, 2018 in Andasibe. All those interested in the "Mitsidia Madagasikara" offer will have the chance to make a visit to the festival. They will be able to attend local events and debates on the themes of biodiversity protection, enhancement and conservation of natural heritage.






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