Nosy Iranja, easily accessible for the benefit of new rural projects

The Nosy Iranja is a paradise place at 1:30 star of the island of Nosy Be. It is part of the marine protected area of Ankivonjy in northwestern of Madagascar. A popular tourist destination, Nosy Iranja is the center of a new project directed by the ORTNB or Nosy Be National Tourist Office.

A cheaper ticketing according to the ORTNB

150 to 300 people come to visit Nosy Iranja every day. They want to enjoy the paradisiacal setting of the island while enjoying the natural wealth offered by the place. Beyond its reputation as a nesting site for sea turtles, Nosy Iranja is also a place where you can take a pirogue cruise, a scuba diving and a meeting with local fishermen. To allow all Malagasy and tourists looking for an unique destination to easily access the island, the National Tourist Office of Nosy Be offers a ticketing of 7000ar(only) per person. This new rate is valid from 1st August 2018.

A budget fund to carry out local projects

The ORTNB decided to set this price in order to promote sustainable tourism. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the local population to complete projects to build new public infrastructure. Another portion of the money will be retained to maintain and operate the tourist site. The slice offered to the municipality will be useful for building a public primary school for small children, sanitary blocks and dispensaries. The rural municipality will also have its share, about 30%, for administrative affairs.

A destination that creates jobs

Note that Nosy Iranja, since it became a tourist hotspot, is also a job-creating island. In recent years, there have been 15 trades closely related to the operation of the destination. There are more than a hundred artisans who sell their manufactured products, a dozen small restaurants, a diving club and five accommodation spaces composed of two luxury hotels, an ecolodge, a cottage and a campsite.






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