Madagascar in celebration, a successful appointment at the zoo of Mulhouse

On 29 and 30 April, Mulhouse, one of the oldest zoological parks in France, devoted two special days to Madagascar and its endemic biodiversity. As always, during this kind of event, an endemic animal of the island is featured at the zoo. This year, a baby lemur named «Nofy», was the star of Madagascar in celebration. Born at the Mulhouse Zoo last February, Nofy is the child of a lemurian mother called «Yellow». The mother and the child are raised at the zoo, like so many other Malagasy lemurs. They are followed closely by some foreign breeders and zoologists.

Nofy, the symbol of Malagasy natural wealth

It has been six years since this zoo mulhousien devoted this kind of event to the big island. This year we are in the sixth edition but each one has its own particularity. Nofy was the star for this latest edition. To mark the feast, this baby lemur was fed for the first time in public. Exchange and sharing between visitors and breeders of the park were then established. The aim was to make known the way of life of these endemic animals. It was also shown how the Lemurian mothers raise their children. During the two days of celebrations, the visitors also attended some sensitizations concerning the biodiversity of the island. Organizers developed strategies to protect these natural resources, including the famous endemic lemurs. Some professional actors have shared their roles in raising and protecting this unique biodiversity. They explained their plans of action established not only in France but especially on Malagasy soil.

Culture and tourism in highlight

When we talk about partying, we also talk about animations. During the event Madagascar in celebration, various animations were organized within the zoo mulhousien. Numerous visitors have been able to take part in numerous apprenticeships related to Malagasy culture. Among them, they had the right to read the Malagasy tales, to the initiation of some musical instruments like the «valiha» and to some traditional games Malagasy like the «Fanorona» and the «Katro». On the first day of the event, on 29 April, a conference was organized by the organizers. The objective of this round table is to develop various themes on the optimal protection of Malagasy fauna. Some sustainable strategies will be put in place to ensure the conservation of this Malagasy endemic fauna. Long-term insurance for the good of the island.






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