The international marathon of Tana

The city of the Milles will host the 17th edition of the international marathon of Tana on October 14th and 15th, 2017. The main theme of this marathon will concentrate on the tourist, ecological and sports promotion of the big island.

Five race categories

This 17th edition will not be like those before. Indeed, the organizers have added some new features regarding the race categories. This change encourages the riders to be more numerous and invites even non-athletes to participate in the marathon. With these five different categories, all members of the family will be able to compete:

The last category is the novelty of this new edition. It will be held on the same days as the grand marathon but the distance to be traveled will be plotted on the Independence Square in Analakely.

Green Day for a ecological race

The organizers of the international marathon of Tana wish to develop several objectives to the effigy of this sporting event. On the one hand, they want to promote sports tourism in Madagascar, and on the other hand, they want to convey an ecological message to all Malagasy. This sensitive subject already touches the whole planet and this time, it will be in honor of the international marathon of Tana that the ecological reflex would be developed. Thus, the day of October 15 th, the second day of the marathon, will be devoted to the Green Day. While the participants take the morning start and will usually run their course, the city of Tananarive will breathe the fresh air, without traffic. During this special day, only the bikes and walking will be the non-polluting means of transport accepted the Ministry of Environment. It is this ministry which had the idea to dedicate this ecological day to the city of Tananarive. The athletes will be able to run safely while enjoying a breath of fresh air in the heart of the capital.

Foreign riders always in the appointment

Because it is an international marathon, participants will see the presence of several foreign heads always ready to win the victory. Apart from the Malagasy who will be resolutely numerous, riders from Mauritius and La Réunion will also be at the meeting. Africans, who came specifically for the marathon, will also meet the call, namely Ethiopian and Kenyan runners.

While the riders will concentrate on their course, the organizers will draw attention to sports tourism in Madagascar. By crossing the city, these marathon runners will discover the beauty and authenticity of the Malagasy capital. It is a bet won not only to promote tourism but also to make Malagasy and foreigners enjoy the entertaining and sporting activities organized within the city itself.






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