Mamiko Analamanga: a new concept launched by Ortana

For "Analamanga's love", this is the new concept promoted by Ortana. This initiative aims to know and love the central region of Madagascar covering the capital and its surroundings. This project aims very high and highlights the discovery of the various tourist sites in the region Analamanga.

Valorisation of the tourist potentials of the capital and its peripheries

The director of Ortana clearly explained that the region of Analamanga itself is a tourist site in its own right. This zone is not only a place of passage but a area where one puts his suitcases to explore the tourist potentials. To promote "love" for the region of Analamanga including the capital and surrounding localities, a map was presented by the director of Ortana. This plan has developed all the historical, cultural or culinary riches of this region. It invites tourists to visit, taste and even attend various events organized within Analamanga. Communes, villages and neighborhoods were represented with their respective peculiarities.

Appreciation of cultures and social mix

Even if the new concept launched by Ortana concerns the development of the tourism potentials of the region of Analamanga, it also touches the social mix and the development of the cultures of this zone. The culture is different in each region, which makes it important to know the cultural peculiarities of this limited space. By implementing this concept, Ortana aims to promote social diversity. The cohabitation between the inhabitants of a local is not often easy. Thanks to this kind of initiative, it will be easy to privilege communication and relations in order to turn towards one ambition: to promote one's village, commune or neighborhood.

A contribution from local communities

The success of this project is based on the efforts of local communities. L'Ortana urges people to develop plans to promote famous tours and sites. Thanks to this promotional work, the dynamism of the tourists will give added value to the various activities of the local communities (crafts, hotels, sales, etc.)