Avy Letchis Festival in Toamasina

The season of litchis is open since the beginning of November. A party was prepared on the East Coast to promote this legendary fruit of the Big Island. Avy Letchis Festival, an unforgettable event organized in Toamasina from 19 to 26 November.

An emphasis on local products

Just before the Christmas season arrives the litchis season. This fleshy and juicy red fruit, much appreciated by Malagasy and foreigners, was honored during the Avy Letchis festival. The party was held in Toamasina, the first province producing litchis. Two platforms were at the head of the festival, namely the EFOI Madagascar or Entreprendre Femme Océan Indien and the Arenamada association. The principles of the festival were based on the development of the lychee industry linked to the craftsmanship of artisans during the harvesting of this fruit. There was also an improvised tour of the port and its surroundings, the place where the packages of lychees are grouped before be exported to all corners of the world.

A tourist and culinary program

Of course, the festival does not only value the fruit in question. There is this except that in addition to the culinary goal, there was also the tourism strategy. While taking into account the place taken by the production of Letchis, the festival also aimed tourist operators encouraged to promote the natural and tourist wealth of the East. As the main producing province of lychees, the East of Madagascar is also a tourist resort with a large number of visitors every year. When the premises are busy picking lychees, tourists arrive and are interested in picking techniques, packaging and sale of these fruits. Outside the industry, these visitors also focus on the visit of the city with all of its tourist attractions: the Pangalanes channel and the Palm Grove of the Ivondro.

Economic development through the export of the product

Apart from gastronomy and tourism, the Avy Letchis festival is also an economic issue. The festivities have dedicated discussions and conferences primarily affecting the economy sector. Indeed, since Madagascar is one of the world's most important lychee exporting countries, the financial stakes around this sector are therefore numerous. For information, the Big Island produces more than 100,000 tons of litchis per year, 80,000 of which come from the Eastern lands. 17 000 tonnes of this production are exported to the European continent and contribute greatly to the economic development of the Big Island.






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