Lemurs in the countries of the storks

To highlight Malagasy tourism, many events are organized on both Malagasy and foreign soil. May 22 to 28, 2017, it is the turn of the city of Strasbourg to host a new event organized by Malagasy operators. It is a great first for the country, a fair entitled « Lemurs in the countries of the storks ».

The objective of the show

The main objective of this fair is to present Malagasy products to a limited public, the Alsatians. This is why the exhibition was organized in Strasbourg on Place Dauphine. Still related to tourism, the branches of this sector are also evoked at this fair, namely crafts and trade. In addition to these two sectors, the tourist potential of Madagascar will also be valued. Biodiversity, international tourist attractions and cultural diversities will be among the topics discussed.

Who will participate?

Despite the fact that it is organized in a foreign land, the Lemurian show in the countries of the storks is purely directed by Malagasy. At the head of the management, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Madagascar. The participants will themselves be Malagasy, composed on the one hand, of some operators coming directly from the country and on the other hand, expatriate operators who already live in Alsace. The exhibitors will be professionals in the textile, agro-food and agro-industry sectors. The exhibition will also include the participation of expert artisans in marquetry, musical creativity and basketry. By analyzing the list of these participants, the universe of crafts and agronomy will be the focal points of the event.

Tourism, trade and industry

By organizing this kind of fair, the CCIM or Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Madagascar aims at a sustainable and fruitful economic approach. Alsatian professionals are the targets to be seduced in order to collaborate with Malagasy operators. The latter will prove to the Alsatians that they have real potential to develop in business, any sector confused. By entering into partnership with the Malagasy actors, they sign a certain collaboration advantageous for them as for the Malagasy. This collaboration will remain in force since the CCI of Strasbourg will take care of the relationship between the two operators.

It should be noted that this fair was organized within the framework of the 7th edition of the week of Madagascar. The initiator of the event that is none other than the CCIM hopes for a more than positive result after this show. Let us hope that the lemurs will seduce the storks during these 7 days in Alsace.






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