Salary Bay Lagoon

Each year, Madagascar makes you discover new places splendid, paradisiac and authentic. This time, it's the Salary Bay lagoon, located in the south west coast of the Big Island.

A first-class diving site

Salary Bay is not only a holiday resort, it is also a first class diving site. The place is aerated, easily accessible and protected, as it is an authentic marine reserve and a private lagoon. What particularizes this place is its highly preserved nature with its original untouched and untouchable character.

The wealth of Salary Bay

Clear water, fish of all colors and corals are the main attractions of Salary Bay lagoon. Those who have already visited the place will confirm that Salary Bay is one of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world. Moreover, the Southwest of Madagascar also proudly bears this title. The marine riches of Salary Bay are unique in the world. Under the sea, you can see a large category of fauna and flora. They are colored and varied reliefs, various species of fish, shellfish, lobsters, pelagics, starfish, anemones, etc. In brief, it is a high place of discoveries, ideal for a magnificent marine hike.

The depth of a dive can vary from 3 to 30 meters. Visitors will discover the diversity of wildlife as soon as they sink to 3 meters. By continuing to dive, the large blue reveals other marine riches such as caves, underwater arches and some harmless sharks.

Why visit this site?

We come to Salary Bay to explore the site. The amateurs of the dive are especially the targets of the lagoon. Observers and researchers are also attracted by this immense aquatic biodiversity. They come to see if new species are present in the reef or if other species are endangered. Up to there, they assert that wealth is purely preserved in the wild and that the big island and in priority the national tourist office must protect this authenticity.

How to go there?

Situated in the South of the island, mainly on the west coast of the southern part, Salary Bay lagoon is easy to find. Since the province of Toliara you have to take a few kilometers to reach the place. The road is nevertheless secondary so it is necessary to travel in all terrain. For those who want to reach this paradise place, the best visit period is between September and January. The road is easily accessible and the weather is good for diving and swimming.