The dates of the ITM 2018 are known

On January 25, 2018, a conference was held in Voara village of Andohatapenaka. This meeting was led and organized by the Ministry of Tourism and the ONTM to announce the planned dates of the next edition of the International Tourism Fair Madagascar, which will be at its seventh edition this year. The event will take place from May 31st to June 3rd. At the head of the conference, Tourism Minister Roland Ratsiraka and a few organizers of the event. The ITM will always be held at the same place: in the Voara village of Andohatapenaka.

Ecotourism in the spotlight

According to the minister, the theme will focus on «ecotourism». The protection of the environment and natural resources of the Treasure Island will be in the spotlight during these 4 days dedicated to tourism. The choice of this theme is also important because it develops the economic sector of the big island. By all the potential that Madagascar offers, the preservation of biodiversity and the maintenance of its endemic treasures are worthy of being priorities.

3 available spaces and a website

The main participants are service providers, tour operators, independent tour guides, travel agencies, craftsmen, park managers and training centers in tourism and hospitality. All these actors will be gathered on one space listed in 3 distinct zones: conference / training area, discovery village and tourism showcase village. To take advantage of the new technology, the ITM has a website describing the various programs and news about the event. The advantage of this site is that it also has a booking tool dedicated to those who want to make a reservation during the show.

Thanks and Awareness

During the press conference, the Minister thanked all Malagasy and foreign tourism stakeholders for their efforts recently. Indeed, it is a well deserved thanks since the number of tourists has increased steadily since December. The minister also stressed the awareness of all Malagasy on the protection of their natural wealth and their right to visit all tourist resorts within the national territory.