Madagascar to ITB Berlin

From March 8th to 12th 2017, Madagascar participates in the ITB International Tourism Business. The event will take place in Berlin, the German capital, with many participants working in tourism and tourism trade.

The strength of ITB

As a flagship event dedicated to tourism, ITB brings all tourist operators together in one place. Airlines, tour operators, guides and media will be present at this show. On March 8, the first day will be marked by various events including the famous press conference during which the organizers will develop to the journalists the objectives and the program dedicated to this great show.

180 countries sent more than 10,000 participants to the show. As every year, 180,000 visitors will be expected until the final date of the event.

Why participate?

It is essential to participate in this fair to make known the destinations of a country to all professionals but especially to the media. This presentation aims to promote these tourist places in order to attract a large number of tourists. Contact, exchange and sharing are implemented at this fair. The other advantage is precisely the quality communication with the various professional operators. Hyper motivated by this rather lucrative result, the organizers registered in 2015 120 000 visitors. By 2016 there were 187 participating countries, and for this year it is hoped that the percentage of these two categories will continue to rise.

The advantages for Madagascar

Last year, Madagascar was already there. For this next edition, the country will still be present at ITB in Berlin. On 8 March, a special evening will be dedicated to Madagascar. The country will present the new tourism products as well as the new and old famous destinations in Madagascar. As a loyal participant, represented by the ONTM, the country knows the best strategies to attract tourists. This time, new and more efficient methods will be deployed by ONTM not only to German operators but also to the eyes of the whole world. Apart from the special Madagascar stand, Thursday, March 9 will also be marked by a round table between Malagasy exhibitors and European operators such as Switzerland and Austria.

For more details, here is the range of presentations and trips developed during this show: destinations, transport, reservations, countries, tour operators, hotels, etc.






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