Festival Indri Indri in Andasibe, the endemic animal at the heart of the party

In the heart of Andasibe National Park, the world famous lemur celebrates its own event. From 15 to September 17, 2017, the Indri Indri of Andasibe is the star of the festival. At the heart of the debate, the awareness for the protection of this animal. What place and what role does the Indri play in promoting and developing Malagasy tourism?

About Andasibe National Park

Who does not know the famous Andasibe National Park. Although countless tourists visit this area every year, it is always important to talk about it. This is essential since it is one of the top five most visited parks on the Big Island On the national road 2, in the region of Moramanga, the Park of Andasibe is a unique jewel in the world, serving as home to many animal species and plant endemic Malagasy. Biodiversity reigns supreme and imposes its law. Since Madagascar out of the crisis, the park has continued to welcome all kind of tourists. A bargain deserved since he is living for the Malagasy flora and fauna sanctuary. The festival is so well deserved. He honors the park and mainly his titular animal, the lemur Indri.

Indri Indri, the guardian of the park

Apart from the various species of birds, reptiles and lemurs, the Indri is very present in the center of the park. According to observers, there are more than 340 individuals divided into 40 separate groups. In addition to the fact that they are many in the Park, the Indri lemur also contribute to the survival of the environment. Thanks to their features, they are the interests that attract tourists. They come to the park to admire the vegetation, but they do not miss to meet and observe the Indri. The festival will be focused on this animal that forms the guardian of the park. It is recognized by its soft and silky coat but especially by its large size dominating the other species of lemurs.

A festival to promote tourism

Because of the Indri, Malagasy tourism knows a clear evolution. The promotion pays off and increases the economic resources of the sector. By collecting more money, the Park will easily have the means to maintain the place and meet the needs of animals. The organizer, Madagascar National Parks, was right to focus the festival on the Indri. Visitors and residents will realize their responsibility for the protection of these animals. During this festival, visitors will be able to attend different cultural activities, debates and conferences focused on this subject.






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