8th edition of the Hira Gasy in Tana

It´s holidays. Far from the beaches and seaside edges of world, the capital of Madagascar organizes a cultural event that will seduce the vacationers and the tourists. The Hira Gasy, an unmissable event that brings together so many spectators, is at its 8th edition this year. The sending whistle was launched on July 16, but the party will continue until October 2017.

A cultural identity of the capital

The Hira Gasy existed since the time of the Malagasy kings. This event, elaborated by atypical singers, was organized to satisfy and entertain the royalities and the entire Malagasy population. Marked by a «battle» or duel between two professional groups, the Hira Gasy is another kind of oral literature identifying the cultural richness of the Madagascan highlands. Formerly, this musical encounter took place in the courtyards of the royal palaces. Today, the troops usually compete in the mythical garden of Andohalo or on the platform of the garden of Ambohijatovo.

A popular, musical and folk encounter

For this 8th edition of the Hira Gasy, the organizers opted for the platform of the garden of Ambohijatovo. Every Sunday, troops oppose each other in duels and entertain the spectators with lyrics that are lyrical, audacious and full of message. They transform the Malagasy proverbs and quotations into words of songs full of humor and wisdom. Dressed in colorful dresses and ancestral outfits, these men and women are real artists who can play with words and gestures. Sometimes, to add a little spice to the songs, acrobatic dancers come to surprise the audience. For this year, the festival takes place on more joyful themes: happiness and joy of life.

Valuation of the tourism of Tananarive

Thanks to this meeting, which is both folk, melodic and astonishing, the organizers draw attention to the tourist and cultural richness of the capital. Malagasy as tourists are the first targets. The organizers want to make known the diversity and the value of the culture of the high plateaus thanks to this oratorical art arranged in full city center of the capital. In addition to ORTANA, the main organizer, the urban community of Antananarivo is also one of the initiators of this event. The objective is to animate the city during the high tourist season and to distract as much the tourists as the premises. Every Sunday, the CUA and ORTANA invite the inhabitants to attend the «Hira Gasy Makotrokotroka». On October 1st, the two best troops will fight in a duel for the grand finale. Suspense and atmosphere guaranteed!