Analamanga hikes run by the Ortana

The city of the thousand will become the center of interest of the hikers from March 17th. On the program, the great Analamanga hike led by the Ortana. Hikers will discover the splendor of the capital and all the surrounding sites. At the heart of the action is a visit to the historical, cultural and tourist sites of the Greater Region.

17 unmissable destinations

According to the Ortana, there will be 17 destinations, all of them unavoidable. As the name suggests, this hike will be on foot and will pass through all the best tourist and historical sites in the region. On 17 March 2017, the starting whistle will ring in the village of Ambohitrangano, northeast of downtown Antananarivo. A small precision was issued by the Ortana: as a special Analamanga hike, this walking tour is not only in the center of the region but especially in the towns and surrounding areas. Apart from the great discoveries, fresh air will be the icing on the cake.

For real athletes and less athletes

The hikes will be divided into several categories. There will be a visit of all the North, the South via the RN7, the west via the RN4 and the other localities of the northeast. All the month of March and the following months will see the departure of the hikers. Every second Saturday, the less athletic and the whole family are invited to the "soft" hiking session. Less tiring and more entertaining, this type of hike will visit the famous sites such as Ambatomanga and its cheesemakers as well as Itasy and its surroundings.

As for the real athletes, they will be invited every fourth Saturday for tougher events. The latter will travel the mountains, along the hills and cross the forests to discover the secrets of beauty of the region. For a little mouthing, the high mountains of Angavokely, Ambatomalaza and Iharandriana are waiting for them with firm feet.

For hikers who appreciate the specialties, the Ortana offers to follow other routes even more interesting. The northeast and its culinary specialties (Saucisse gasy and koba) are among the localities to visit. Otherwise, a few history courses on the side of Ambohitrabiby, Manjakazafy and Tsiazompaniry. Also in the themed hike, Mahitsy and the Andrianambo Waterfall will also be featured.

A generator of financial benefits

To join the useful to the pleasant, it is the principle of this Analamanga hikes. By discovering these famous sites, hikers participate in the tourism development of the region while collaborating in the economic growth of the area. According to the Ortana, hiking is part of the tourist strategies generating income to the localities visited. Not only does it introduce new landscapes but it also contributes to the needs of local people by purchasing handicrafts and gastronomic specialties for sale at the places of passage of these hikers.






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