Haify Mampihavana or Malagasy culinary art in all its forms

From 30 September to 1 October, the fourth edition of the Malagasy gastronomy fair will take place in the Andohalo garden. This unforgettable event held every year will enhance the richness and diversity of Malagasy culinary art. For this year, the event will be signed «Haify Mampihavana» or «culinary art that reconciles». The details.

Two days with a thousand flavors

During the two days of the event, the great richness of Malagasy gastronomy will be displayed before the eyes of the visitors and the whole world. This show will not only showcase the talent of chefs and food lovers but also showcase the diversity of flavors of Malagasy cuisine. Conducted by the WTAM or Women Tourism Association for Madagascar, this annual event is a landmark event that brings together the big names of the hotel industry as well as the great gourmets in search of new flavors.

The diverse Malagasy dishes in the honor

The chefs and all participants will try to propose a wide range of recipes to the visitors. All participants, Malagasy or foreign, will support their know-how on local cooking. Various products from Madagascar's fertile land will be used during this fair. Fresh, organic and sometimes very expensive, these products constitute the richness of the Malagasy land to the delight of the followers of good food.

In the heart of the mythical garden of Andohalo, around forty stands will be available for visitors. Various dishes and recipes will be offered as succulent as the others. These dishes came directly from the different regions of the big island. The public will be able to taste the dish that distinguishes a region to another. Among the must-see, you can see traditional dishes, revisited dishes as well as recipes invented, prepared especially for this great occasion. And complete the whole, workshops "Haify" will also be honored. These workshops will be organized by young winners of a recent gastronomic competition. On the program, techniques, cogs and materials for a gusto-olfactory success of Malagasy cooking.

Tourism and gastronomy

In narrow association with the tourist sector, the fair of the Malagasy gastronomy forms a major pawn to the development of Malagasy tourism. This event is initiated not only to make known the authenticity of Malagasy culinary art but also to attract tourists, in simpler and direct terms. The tourists come here to admire the landscape and the natural riches of the big island. But on the other hand, they are also interested in the Malagasy culinary art which, according to them, constitutes a sure value to be distinguished from the other countries of the Indian Ocean. The local cooking, they love it every time they land on Malagasy land. During this fourth edition, they will be able to enjoy and discover at the same time other Malagasy dishes still unknown.






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