Cruise 2018: two ships will pass on Malagasy soil

The cruise season has already begun since November 6, 2018. A rewarding period for some provinces, this season promises the rotation of two cruise ships that will visit the Big Island. This is the Costa Riviera's famous Costa Victoria, and the AIBAblu ship of German origin.

Several crossing on the Malagasy coasts

These two ships will stop over several provinces of the big island, namely Antsiranana, Nosy Be, St. Marie and Toamasina. They will probably come to Tolagnaro and Majunga but it is not confirmed yet. They will visit these cities from November 6th to March 19th. It is not easy to determine the exact number of crossing on each city but what is certain is that they will take time on the great port of Toamasina, flagship destination, which recorded 17 touchdowns for this season.

An even higher return for host cities

The cruising season may only last 5 months, but it is ample for a big turnover. Indeed, this is an opportunity for host cities and all tourism stakeholders who live there to double or even triple their turnover. A few hours of stopovers of one of the ships generate more than 50000 € to the locality. This sum of money is divided between the hotel establishments, the fees for visiting the protected areas, the guide rates and the catering for the visitors.

As we know, the ONTM is the first initiator of this cruise tourism section. The office tries to sensitize the inhabitants of the host cities and the actors concerned by the cruise to always provide a positive image of the destination. It is important, especially for cruise passengers, to note that Malagasy welcome them not only with a smile but also with services worthy of professionals whatever the situation.






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