Madagascar, new target of Costa Cruises

For the year 2018, Madagascar will be among the destinations of the Italian shipping company «La Costa Croisières». A news that delights the Malgache tourist operators since the appearance of the annual brochure of the company. This opportunity will make Madagascar a flagship destination, preferred by cruise passengers. A windfall that will surely propel the tourism sector towards a more promising scale.

An itinerary across the Indian Ocean

Each year, Costa Cruises ships crisscross the planet to make their passengers discover various countries. For the end of 2017 and during 2018, the neoRiviera cruise will pass the deep waters of the Indian Ocean and visit some islands of this part of the world. In the new brochure detailing the different destinations of the cruise, the visit of the Indian Ocean will begin with the island of Reunion and then reach the Malagasy soil. Aboard the cruises, more than 1000 tourists want to see the immensity of the Indian Ocean, the beauty of Reunion Island and above all the authenticity of the Malagasy island.

Three major Malagasy cities to visit

For this purpose, three of the most important tourist cities of the island will be encrypted by tourists. From November 2017 to February 2018, and from October 2018 to November 2018, cruise passengers will be welcomed by the warmth and enthusiasm of the local population of Nosy Be, Diégo and Tamatave. These three cities are renowned for their tourism potential adapted to the expectations of international tourists. With paradisiacal beaches, nature reserves, numerous land and sea activities, welcoming tourists from all over the world is no longer a challenge. These localities are ready to receive cruise passengers of the Italian company sailing aboard one of its ships Costa neoRiviera. Activities include hiking and guided tours in Nosy Be, Nosy Iranja (another jewel in the north of the island) and in the heart of the lush greenery of the Montagne d'Ambre. An unprecedented journey that will give visitors a unique experience on Malagasy land.

A very busy program for cruise passengers

The purpose of the cruise is mainly to visit various countries. But there is also the promotion of eco-tourism in order to preserve the tourist wealth existing in the world. In this regard, the Italian company supports the subject on the conservation of nature reserves, oases, parks and tourist assets in each country. Besides the tourism in question, cruise passengers will also discover the gastronomic, cultural and historical richness of the stopover cities. Qualified and star hotels and catering establishments take care of the reception of these tourists. Outside the hours of visit, they can taste the diversity of Malagasy cuisine and its many flavors. The local population offers them a warm and friendly welcome that they do not risk to forget so little. A varied and unforgettable setting that awaits cruise passengers in the heart of the Malagasy island.






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My aim is to give every visitor to Madagascar the opportunity to discover the true essence of the country whether they are looking fot luxurious holiday or a more grass roots experience. Below I have provided information which will help your visit run as smoothy as possible. Please remember that things like transport may not run as smoothy as the country you're from, and sometimes variations of itineraries have to be made, ...

Flights to Madagascar

There are several ways of getting to Madagascar, following are the most popular carriers:

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