Fall of the Lily, a jewel of the Analamanga region

Situated in 130km of the capital of Madagascar, in the region of Ampefy, the fall of the Lily is an unmissable beauty that makes talk about her. Stunning, atypical and sensational, discover the richness of the city of Ampefy and its natural jewel, the famous fall of the Lily.

Ampefy, a volcanic and tourist region

A few hundred kilometers from Antananarivo, Ampefy hides many natural gems that make the reputation of the region. Known as a volcanic city, Ampefy is an interesting locality which has a beautiful lake named Kavitaha and a very fertile soil that comes to the needs of the premises. Many activities are practiced in Ampefy, some of which revolve around this lake. Some people practice fishing and farming while others prefer tourism and luxury hotels. Although Ampefy is a magnificent place with many tourist attractions, there are also a number of sights not far from the city. During a visit to the center of Ampefy, one also departs against the surrounding interests including the famous fall of the Lily, only five kilometers away.

Fall of the Lily, a free show offered by nature

At 26 meters high, the Lily falls are a spectacular waterfall that owes its name to a little girl named Lily. In the 1930s, while playing on the water's edge, she accidentally fell into it. His father, a former settler who lived in the area at the time, and the locals did their best to find the girl but to no avail. To pay tribute to little Lily, the locals decided to baptize the waterfall, the fall of the Lily. From a geographical point of view, this great waterfall comes from the great lake of Itasy, another lake formed from a volcanic crater a few km from Ampefy. Even though the name of the fall comes from a sad story, the place attracts thousands of visitors each year. The beauty of the fall is intact as is the charm of the locals who come to welcome visitors with a smile.

What to do about the fall of the Lily?

Apart from visiting the villages and the fall in question, other activities are also to do around the site. For nature lovers, they can enjoy hiking or biking, kayaking, canoeing and swimming when the weather is milder. At the heart of the village, one can discover the traditional culture of the inhabitants, their lifestyle, their daily jobs or their places of atypical habitat made of red earth. And before leaving the locality, one does not forget the memories made personally by these inhabitants. Made from volcanic pumice and raffia, these valuables contribute to the source of income of these premises.






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