Berenty, the preferred habitat of lemurs

Endemic species of Madagascar, lemurs are present throughout the large island. We find there in the East, in the center, on the West but especially in the South. Always in this southern part, the lemurs are rather many and find their refuge in the south extreme axis called Berenty.

An open-air observation center

According to researchers and primate specialists, it is Berenty which holds more a large number of lemurs in Madagascar. So certain parks possess only two or three species, Berenty registered of 4 different species. And as always, the famous one and celebrates maki of Madagascar is present. Many naturalists have already visited the locality, not only to observe these endemic animals but also to deepen their research on the way of life of the lemurs. Certainly, since they note live only on the big island and nowhere else, they kindle thus the curiosity of these local specialists as foreigners. Currently, this center of observation is equivalent to a scientific laboratory where serious scientific studies are conducted in the good term.

Reserve of Berenty, an indubitable asset

Just like these many Malagasy nature reserves, the reserve of Berenty constitutes an inescapable asset for the big island. Tourism is the main thing concerned but the Malagasy economy collects of them also interests. One of the reasons why the inhabitants protect this sacred place like never. Actions of protection and conservation were put into force to ensure the permanent safety of these animals which, specify, live in total freedom. The big island hopes in any case that the tourists who will visit Berenty will increase in the years to come. As a reminder, it is not only the simple tourists and the famous researchers as Alison Jolly who discovered this sanctuary. The famous Bill Gates was also curious to discover the locality. Its fortuitous passage was realized in 2014, during its unexpected visit on the big island.

A still exploitable tourist advantage

By its geographical location a little far from the big cities, the annual number of tourists visiting Berenty is still far from the objective. Also, there are not many luxury hotels and accommodation on site. For the lucky ones who have already placed their bags on the place, a small resort is available to them in the heart of the reserve. By staying there, the observation and discovery of the lemurs happen in the middle of the wild nature. A lucky unheard ! Whatever it be, the efforts hotel trade reception are still to make. The Malagasy state must establish a project to build many hotels in this locality. Consequently, despite the distance, 86 km west of Fort Dauphin, Berenty will become a meeting place for thousands of tourists but also Malagasy people.






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