New ecological market at Ambohitrabiby

In the royal ancient of Ambohitrabiby, a new ecological market was established and inaugurated on December 29th, 2016. It is new, it is beautiful and it is to visit without moderation

A great novelty for the region Analamanga

The Analamanga region has never experienced this type of market. For the first time in Tana, the ecological market saw its birth in the heart of the ancient royal city of Ambohitrabiby, 30 minutes from the capital, on the national road 3 leading to the Rova of Ambohimanga. The general public is therefore invited to make these few kilometers to find products bios, cultivated and prepared according to the respect of the environment.

Organic and ecological products like local merchants

Ecologically said to be biological and natural. Everything that is sold in this market therefore focuses on a natural and organic production. No chemical elements were used or introduced into the products. The sellers, mainly made up of local artisans and farmers, used healthy methods in the design and culture of these commercial products. Their objective was to provide healthy and balanced products that ensure everyone's health and support the nutritional needs of all consumers.

To find yourself in the heart of a historical and commercial city

Thanks to the opening of this new market, the city of Ambohitrabiby has become a commercial, historical and also touristic place. This rural city invites relaxation and escape since it was in the time of the kings, the capital of Imerina. Historic, quiet and calm places are in Ambohitrabiby. Visitors can find themselves in love or with their family for a moment of picnic or revitalize. You can also visit the small town, welcoming and warm, center of the Merina kingdom of yesteryear.

A craft market, with an atypical decor

To enhance the ecological principle of the new market, the municipality decided to distinguish the decoration. Infrastructure therefore does not resemble that of ordinary markets. All the galleries were made of brick, but not any bricks, with bricks elaborated and pressed using a special technique used in rural areas. These pressed bricks ensure the robustness of all the infrastructures and also serve as decorative elements.

Visitors can find consumer products but also various craft products, designed by local craftsmen. Decoration objects, souvenirs and gift ideas are therefore available on site. A small visit is definitely worth seeing if you have a project to go through the RN3 in the days to come.






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