To discover Ambatomilo, a unique holidays place in Madagascar

Many places are favorites in Madagascar. Ambatomilo is one of them and constitutes one of the most authentic localities of the big island. Located in the south-west of Madagascar, Ambatomilo is still a pristine and unknown place where nature and modesty dominate permanently.

What makes the charm of this village?

The village of Ambatomilo is an idyllic village, full of tranquility and serenity. The majority of Malagasy people do not yet know this locality except those who are native of the south. Because of this lack of information concerning the holiday resort, Ambatomilo remains a wild and little-known place. Mass tourism has not yet arrived and even the Malagasy are less likely to have visited it. This is what makes the charm of Ambatomilo. Nature lives in complete freedom and the modesty of the few villagers forms the asset of the village.

However, when you arrive at Ambatomilo, you fall directly under the charm of the place. It is a purely heavenly place that gives access to a unique blue lagoon. White sand and turquoise sea border the village. This sea already borders the edge of the canal of Mozambique since Ambatomilo is in the western part of the south of the island. The fishermen are the most numerous here, besides the quiet corners to recover. According to specialists who have already made a small jump in Ambatomilo, this beach is one of the most beautiful in the world. You can observe its seabed rich in marine fauna and flora. Beyond the beaches, coral reefs and thorny forest also form the assets of Ambatomilo.

A stay rich in activities

As it is always warm in Ambatomilo, the activities to be practiced in this locality are numerous. 7 months in a year, the sun is always there. This climate therefore invites swimming and sunbathing. With this seafloor that is easily desired, water dives and underwater treks are also waiting for visitors. To reach the level of idleness, families of fishermen invite to discover their way of life and their typically modest fish-based gastronomy. And finally, the most courageous can add to their list of activities a surprising exploitation in the heart of the thorny forest.

How to get there ?

Ambatomilo is not a very remote place of the big island. On the contrary, it is 125 km from the province of TulĂ©ar and is accessible by car from the center tuléarien. Air access is not yet available in this location so we will have to take the land route via Tuléar.






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