Major events to promote the Alaotra region

This year 2018 will be significant for the Alaotra region. The locality will be rich in cultural events aimed at enhancing its tourism and its reputation as a local source of rice production. Six locations will witness various typical Alaotra festivals. Focus.

Dates and places of events

Recall that this year's festivals will be held as part of the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Ortalama or Regional Tourism Office Alaotra Mangoro. The next festival will be held on June 3rd to 10th in Ambatondrazaka. She has won the "Tonta-Santabary Festival". June 18, one week after the first festival, will be the "Zahamena" festival, which consists of visiting the Zahamena National Park. From June 20 to 26, the population will be commemorating two events, "Bakozetra Festival" and "Fest Vary" related to rice production. After this very festive month of June, the celebration will resume only in October in Andilamena for the festival "Asarabe" with the inhabitants of Anosimboahangy. It will continue in November in Anorohoro for the festival "Feraomby" and the "festival Indri Indri". The Bezanozano tribe will not forget to honor their ancestral dance "Betatoato" to close the annual program.

A challenge for the new president of Ortalama

Rakotojoelimaria Andriantenaina is the new president of Ortalama. For him, the realization of these various events is a challenge but also a program leading to other objectives related to tourism. According to him, this is a new way of working to motivate the northern part of the region. Indeed, it seems that this northern area of Alaotra is not yet very enthusiastic and very interested in the tourism sector while it has many assets to boost this sector.

The goal is to attract more tourists to the Alaotra region. In most cases, tourists complete their visit to Andasibe and continue to the province of Toamasina. By building new tourist infrastructure between Moramanga and Vohidiala, tourists will be able to deviate their way to the Alaotra region. The title of rice production source will be kept to seduce the visitors, besides the new places built especially for them.






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