6th edition of the International Tourism Fair in Madagascar

As every year, the International Tourism Fair in Madagascar will be held from 8 to 11 June 2017 in the village of La Francophonie. This must-see event for all Malagasy and international tourist operators is at its 6th edition. Numerous programs will enrich the 4 days of event that will see the intervention of many professionals and investors addressing various subjects focused on tourism development in Madagascar.

The economy in agreement in the tourism

To reboost Malagasy tourism which let us specify it is on the right track since a few years, finance experts will participate in the show. This international financing will be an additional advantage in order to enhance the various projects reserved for Malagasy tourism. Moreover, in parallel in the ITM, the EDBM or Economic Developpement Board of Madagascar will be organized the same dates. The organizers of the EDBM will be seen as speakers at the ITM. The latter include international finance specialists, experts in the local banking system and tourism operators.

A big investment in the Malagasy tourism

Because it is about a purely « tourist » event, the approached objectives will focus on investment and the rebound of Malagasy tourism. On June 9th, the organizers reserved the day for conference debates in which diverse themes will be discussed by a large number of tourism professionals. So, the visitors can expect subjects on the sector of the air transport, on cruise tourism, on investment in hotels in Madagascar, ets. The types of financing and investment in tourism will be among the main subjects treated during the same day. Further to these conferences, the organizers and the professionals hope for more positive and advanced results, compared to those that were already noticed in previous years.

Other Action Plans by ONTM and the Ministry of Tourism

Although investors participate a lot in this international fair of Malagasy Tourism, the National Tourist Office (ONTM) and the Ministry of Tourism also have their words to say. Apparently, the event would not take place without the intervention and participation of these two major actors in tourism. This time, the Ministry and the Office will develop subjects on marketing strategies that can further relaunch more the subject « Destination Madagascar ». They will also discuss topics related to tourism policies used by the current government. To inform better the visitors, common themes on the missions of the EDBM, the roles of the Malagasy government and independent operators as well as the impacts of all these elaborate action plans developed by the various speakers will be put forward by the organizers of the ITM.