Madagascar, top 10 destinations

The great news has fallen, Madagascar is finally included in the top 10 destinations to visit for 2017. It is the famous American magazine Vogue who declared the news. According to Vogue, Madagascar has all the assets to meet the needs of international tourists. An unheard of opportunity for the big island.

African Galapagos Islands, according to Vogue

Like the Galapagos Islands, Madagascar also has its own identities in terms of biodiversity. It is the only place where a large number of rare and endemic species regroup. Madagascar thus resembles at Galapagos but of an African version, since it is established in this continent. Vogue advances that some of the species are not found all over the planet but only in Madagascar. Therefore, an important opportunity to visit this large African island in order to discover this authenticity.

Endemism of fauna and the flora in value

The first thing that Vogue accentuates at the level of the scarcity of the biodiversity. Approximately 75% of the Malagasy fauna and flora is endemic, so they live only on the island. Madagascar is well an alive sanctuary where the rare species abound. To communicate and observe these rare species, nature reserves and the parks multiply on the island. Yes, the number of national parks continues to increase as the number of animal and plant species rises. The wild regions are now exploitable thanks to the opening of these nature reserves. Next year, a center of observation will open its doors on the island of Ankao. This center will surely become a national park to discover and explore the dwelling place of rare fauna and flora of the region.

An exceptional and considerable news

It’s especially this incontestable value which convinced Vogue to include Madagascar in the top 10 destinations to visit this year. As we know, Vogue is a great American popular magazine in which the publication of articles is studied with considerable delicacy. This is what makes the reputation of the magazine. Vogue does not publish any article without being sure of what it advances in each article. If he motivated his readers to visit Madagascar, because the reasons have been confirmed and proved. Henceforth, it is the turn of the great island to do everything to make this article play in its favor. Anyway, rich and memorable colorful adventure is already awaiting visitors throughout the island.